Convey love through floral creativity art

Flowers are pleasing to the eyes and help us produce happy hormones. Whether one is giving or buying flowers, they can feel joyful and experience a calming effect.

A floral creativity workshop was held by Hau Tak Small Group Home recently. It aimed to help residents explore their inner worlds through artistic expressions. It also used the language of flowers to analyse their personalities and preferences while enhancing their knowledge of flowers. Through the workshop, residents learnt to face personal growth with a grateful attitude in a relaxed environment. They also learnt to discover beauty when they felt pressure or besetment.

After the workshop, the residents presented their creative works to family and friends to express their gratitude and love for them. This action helped to enhance their happiness.



Lightsaber helps children develop athletic potential

The Small Group Home invited Union Fencing Club to provide lightsaber experience for the residents.

The playful and lightweight lightsaber is safer for residents, and is good training for hand-eye coordination. Under guidance of the instructor, residents could master basic lightsaber skill quickly, enabling this experience to lay the foundation for the residents’ sporting development.



Small Group Homes’Environmental Improvement Programme

7 Small Group Homes of HKSAS participated in the second phase of the “Small Group Homes’Environmental Improvement Programme” of the Social Welfare Department. The preliminary work was carried out. It is expected that the environmental improvement works of Yan Lai Small Group Home in Hau Tak Estate will be carried out first in July 2021, and the rest of the Small Group Homes will undergo improvement projects at later stage. Funding from the Social Welfare Department also received for the rent of a specified amount to accommodate affected children and youth while the environmental improvement works is in progress. We hope that the improvement works can be completed smoothly and further improve their living environment.



Six Bricks Workshop to enhance the sensory experience

Lok Fu Small Group Home used a themed toy—Six Bricks, to allow children make good use of the five senses, stimulating different learning methods through games. This encourages them not only to rely on visual and acoustic senses to understand things and receive information, but also to increase their learning experience and interest, and strengthen their sensitive observation and in-depth understanding of things around them.



Thanksgiving cum Graduation Ceremony was held to express gratitude to house parents

Lok Fu Yan Mong Small Group Home held the "Children's Words of Thanksgiving" Graduation Ceremony on 30th June 2021. Under the epidemic, the number of outdoor activities and large-scale events has decreased. However, the House parents and relief house parents held many extra exciting activities at home. Everyone gathered together to enjoy the video highlighting the memorable moments of last year.

The awards session was the most exciting moment for the children. This year, the winners have demonstrated their strengths in academic, social and family life. As House parents Mr and Mrs Ku are about to leave the Small Group Home, children took this opportunity to express their deep gratitude to Mr and Mrs Ku through performance and sincere sharing.