Island Hostel provided support and training for parents


Island Hostel held a workshop on "Children’s Training Tips" for the parents of the residents on November 26. The workshop provided skills to train children with special education needs at home, and to understand the difficulties and limitations that children face in learning. The programmes included training of hand-eye coordination and sense of space, as well as improving children’s communications skills through Lego activities. This workshop could promote the cooperation between the Hostel and parents, and help parents teaching their children effectively.


Professional training for the staff of Island Hostel

Supported by the Social Welfare Development Fund, staff of Island Hostel joined the training course of "Certification of Six Bricks" on 25 March 2021. It helped the staff to learn how to guide children to develop their executive functions such as memory, movement and creativity through Six Bricks, and design activities according to the children's abilities and interests.



Service highlights under COVID-19:Island Hostel - Rock+Road Music Show and Dinner (10 November 2020)

  1. Eight specially trained chefs from primary section of Island Hostel prepared for the dinner, to cultivate the living skills and self-confidence of the children.
  2. Rock+Road Music Show presented by youth from secondary section of Island Hostel to show their talents. Island Hostel invited their families to enjoy their performances, so as to understand the youth’s life in hostel and their changes. The guests praised for their excellent performance with practicing only a few months.