Brief Introduction


Since 1967, Holland Hostel has been providing Student Residential Care Service for male youths at the age of 11 and above. Nevertheless, given the ever-changing needs of the community, the Hostel has extended its service scope to match up with the needs of our younger generations over the years.

In 1997, the hostel brought in the Working Youth Service providing transitional residential services for young people who are either working or undergoing vocational training.

Another breakthrough of the service scope, the “Young Night Drifters Service” was started in 1998 providing protection and temporary accommodation to those Young Night Drifters (YNDs) facing crises and traumatic life events. 

At present, Holland Hostel is providing up to 97 places for young people in need of different kinds of residential services.

Service Objectives


Through different care plans drawn up by trained social workers, the Hostel aims at improving communication and interpersonal skills of the young people, raising their self-esteem and helping them and to positively handle their personal and family problems. Upon departure, these young people are expected to have acquired the required life skills and confidence to prepare themselves either for rejoining their families or leading an independent life of their own.

Service Features


Providing a wide spectrum of social and recreational activities that aim at helping the hostel's youths in respect of healthy growth and realisation of individual potentials

Providing a warm and caring small-unit environment for young people

Tailor-made care plans for every child by experienced and committed social worker.

Working closely with parents, referral workers, schools and concerned parties in attending to the needs and difficulties of the young people.

Providing “one-stop” continual service for youths either as students or working youths.

Target Groups


Male youths between 11 and 21; preferably not exceeding 18 at the time of admission (*)

Lack of proper family care.

Willing to be admitted.

*Student Residential Care Service:Staying in the hostel and yet continue full-time education at schools.

*Working Youth Service:Serving working young people at the age from 15 to 21.

*Back-up Shelter Service for Young Night Drifters (YNDs): Boys between the age of 11 and 18, who are referred by the integrated children and youth services centres, the youth outreaching teams or other welfare units serving YNDs. Self-referral is not accepted. Normally, the period of stay is 7 days.



Our bedrooms are air-conditioned, individual storage and desk. Recreational facilities include gym room, mult-function room, basketball court, library, band room, Information court and Conference room.



The services are free of charge for residents of Student Unit. Parents/ guardians are responsible for their personal daily expenses, medical fees and educational related fees.

Residents of Working Youth Unit are required to pay a deposit, rent, air conditioning and Wifi fees. The deposit and rent can be refunded when discharge.

If there is financial hardship, please seek assistance from the referral workers.



Service application must be referred by registered social workers of the Social Welfare Department and non-governmental organizations to the Central Referral System for Residential Care (CRSRC) (except Back-up Shelter service for YNDs).

Service Termination


For the well-being of residents, the service users, parents/ guardians, and referral workers work together for the planned discharge. They can also initiate to terminate the service.


Telephone: 2341 0818
Fax: 2790 5344
Address: 122 Shatin Pass Road, Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon