Brief Introduction


The Hong Kong Student Aid Society established a self-financing service unit, the Family Energy, with the goals of preventing family violence and protecting children from abuse in 2006. Its services include school social workers in pre-primary institutions and primary school; the Understanding Adolescent Project (Primary) and the community education support for children and families. Through pre-primary institutions, primary schools and other community networks, Family Energy conducts programmes to enhance positive communication and prevent family problems through early identification of at-risk families.





Service Objectives


1. To enhance positive communication among family members through family life education programmes

2. To prevent family problems through providing early identification and intervention services for the families with welfare needs.

3. To reduce the risks of family violence through both preventive and remedial services.

Service Content and Characteristics


1. Kindergarten Social Work Service
Family Energy is one of the service providers of the “Pilot Scheme on Social Work Service for Pre-primary Institutions". Since August 2019, the ‘Hand-in-Hand together’ - Kindergarten Social Work Service Team” has been started and in August 2020, the “SPARKLING STARS Social Work Service for Pre-primary Institutions Scheme” has been launched, too. The scheme aims at early identification of and providing professional assistance to pre-primary children and their families with welfare needs.

2. Primary School Social Work Service
We provide the "Comprehensive Students Guidance Service” to primary schools. Through school social work services, we support schools in implementing personal growth education, provide case consultation and counselling, responsive services, family and teacher supportive services, and crisis management, in order to facilitate students to maximize their potentials, develop their self-esteem and foster their healthy growth.

3. Understanding Adolescent Project (Primary)
We also provide the "Understanding Adolescent Project (Primary)” for primary schools. Through the “intensive courses" for Primary 4 to Primary 6 students, we assist students to master the knowledge, skills and attitude to face adversity and inspire them to positively face the challenges they may encounter in their growing-up process.

4. Community Education Support Services for Children and Families
In response to community needs, Family Energy will develop child and family support services, including developmental programmes for children, parents’ education programmes, parent-child activities, and programmes to introduce community resources so as to strengthen the positive interactions among family members and the connection between the family and the community so that the families with welfare needs can acquire the necessary community resources.


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Address: Room 207, Christian Pui Yan Primary School, 2 Tin Yip Road, Tin Shui Wai, Yuen Long, N.T.