Pass on your love. Be a Foster Parent (Update on August 26, 2021)

To most parents, taking care of children is not easy at all. Parents have to take care of their daily living, emotions and learning needs. As foster parents, what make them committed to this cause?


Mrs Wong has been a foster parent for 7 years. She shared with us frankly that she was initially influenced by her neighbor who was also a foster parent. Mrs Wong learnt that many children were not properly taken care of due to the various problems in the original family. With her years of experiences in taking care of children, Mrs Wong felt that it is a meaningful mission. She hopes to do her best in giving love and care to needy children, and to provide them with a warm home.


 “When I saw the foster care child, Tin Yee, could walk alone; responded to other,   smile to knowing how to speak, I felt so happy. It is worth to dedicate my heart. Taking care of foster child is a very meaningful and happy thing to me.” She kept on smiling when expressing her views about her foster child.


“Sometimes problem arise when I took care of foster child. However I could seek support and help from the social workers. They are more than willing to help you to solve it. I strongly encourage families to become the foster parents and give love to the children in need.


There are still many children in need of the foster families. We sincerely invite you to become foster parents. If you are interested and need more information, please contact :

* Hong Kong Student Aid Society Foster Care Service Tel: 2173 7650

* Central Foster Care Unit, Social Welfare Department Tel: 2573 2282



Foster Parents’ Support Group

Foster Parents’ Support Group had tea gathering  and shared on the topic of Child Protection and Home Safety.