Give you energy to fight the epidemic 


In response to the epidemic and class suspension, school social workers of Family Energy are continuing to provide high-quality services to its service users in various ways, including online seminars for groups and telephone counseling.


We are also concerned about the physical and mental health of countless worried parents and people in the severe fifth wave of the epidemic. The school social workers of Family Energy has specially produced a series of "Energy to fight the epidemic" information booklets, including: (1) "Easing up energy - Preparedness to fight the epidemic", (2) "Strengthening energy – Stress relief quickly", (3) "The Energy of love - Hug my family" and (4) "Fill in positive energy - Live every day". 


To download the " Energy to fight the epidemic " booklets, please click the link below.

(1) "Easing up energy - Preparedness to fight the epidemic" (click here)

(2) "Strengthening energy – stress relief quickly" (click here)

(3) "The Energy of love – Hug my family" (click here)

(4) "Fill in positive energy - live every day" (click here)





Our participants won the prizes of “Financial Education Workshop: Saving Challenge”


From May to June 2021, our service unit "Family Energy" held 3 sessions of “Financial Education Workshop” for parents it served. The workshop was jointly launched by the Hong Kong Association of Banks and the Hong Kong Council of Social Service.


To enable participants to apply the knowledge and skills learned and adopt the good habit of regular savings, the organizer held a "Saving Challenge Exercise”. Participants were required to achieve their saving goals within two months and to fill out a weekly financial report. After completing the challenge, participants with the highest scores would win a prize. We are glad to announce that four participants from our workshops were awarded. The prize presentation ceremony was held on 15 December 2021 at the Duke of Windsor Building, Wanchai, Hong Kong Council of Social Service.





Mr William Chiu (Left One), Chairperson of the Community Caring Committee of the Hong Kong Association of Banks, presented the prize to one of our winners (Right One).




"Financial Education Workshops" on smart financial management techniques


Two online sessions of "Financial Education Workshop" were held for our parents of Family Energy on 22 May 2021. This was jointly launched by the Hong Kong Association of Banks and the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, and supported by the Hong Kong Student Aid Society (HKSAS).


Volunteers from the members of Hong Kong Association of Banks shared basic financial management knowledge, such as what you need to know before saving, spending and borrowing, as well as new consumption patterns under the epidemic and preparations for future crises. Through group discussions, participants could understand their financial characteristics and make wise financial decisions. Volunteers also encouraged participants to join the "Savings Challenge" after the workshop, where they can practice wealth management.


Participants benefited a lot from the workshops. A new mother said: “The content meets my needs because I have to manage my family's finance."  Other participants said that the discussion session allowed them to know more environmental organizations in the community and they could implement green consumption in the future.






The school social service under COVID-19


The year 2020 is full of challenges for all people in the world!  The social workers of the Family Energy dare to walk out from their comfort zone and learn to use network to provide individual and group counselling services.  Even though the students are staying at home, they can still learn to develop their social skills and to manage their emotions.  They can acquire the necessary support and resources as well!

The school social workers were providing casework and groupwork services through internet


The Understanding Adolescent Project for the Primary School Students are conducted as scheduled


Our social workers in the Pre-primary institutions are also working hard to equip themselves with different new knowledges so that they can provide professional services to the students.  For example, the use of Kimochis®, a social-emotional learning program designed by Ellen P. Dodge that teaches children to identify and express their emotions.


The school social workers were practicing how to use the Kimochis® characters to assist the students to express their emotions.