Brief Introduction


Tung Wan Mok Law Shui Wah School (TWS), a school for social development, and Island Hostel (IH), its adjacent boys' home, have moved from Shek Pik, Lantau to new premises at 12 Wong Yin Street, Tuen Mun in October 2019 after 37 months of construction. Since 1965, IH and TWS have been operating residential child care service and primary education respectively at Lot No. 141 in D.D. No. 319 Shek Pik, Lantau Island for 54 years. The natural, beautiful and scenic environment of the Shek Pik premises has all along been an attraction to many visitors and staff members and a panacea for many children with emotional difficulties.


At the outset of operation in the new Tuen Mun premises, TWS operates 10 classes, of which 7 are primary classes and 3 secondary classes. IH, on the other hand, runs 6 houses with 18 children each, with a total number of 108 boys. When TWS and IH are in full operation, the school has 16 classes, 10 primary classes and 6 secondary classes, and a total of 192 boys, of which 48 are day students and the other 144 have to receive residential home services in 8 different houses in IH. The age range of our service target is 7 to 21 years old.

Service Objectives


The Hostel aims at promoting children's self-help capability, helping them to more effectively manage their emotions, behaviours and interactions with peers and other family members. The Hostel also strives to provide a peaceful and harmonious environment and actively orientate children towards a positive direction.

Service Features


Close to nature, the Hostel provides an ideal place for the healthy growth and development of children.

The running of the Hostel on a small group living model provides a warm and caring environment to maximise care and attention for individual children.

A young, energetic and devoted team of professionally trained staff driven by strong team spirit.

Availability of adequate recreational facilities makes it possible for children to make best use of their leisure time and to realise their potentials.

The Hostel gives the children a chance to stay away from adverse influences such as affiliation with triad members, and are hence able to focus on studies and remedial therapies.

Provision of free escort services to and from urban areas for children with special needs.

Target Group


The Hostel is set up for boys who are: aged between 7 and 21, and devoid of proper family care.

Having relatively severe emotional, behavioural and academic problems.

Physically and mentally sound.



All applications for admission must be submitted by registered social workers of the Social Welfare Department and non-governmental organisations to the Central Coordinating Referral Mechanism (CCRM) of the Education Bureau. Headmasters and student guidance teachers may also contact the Hostel's social worker with a view to lining up referrals through the CCRM.


Telephone: 2980 2241
Fax: 2980 2622
Address: 12 Wong Yin Street, Tuen Mun, New Territories

Social Welfare Department Hotline: 2343 2255